From passenger cars, pickup trucks and select commercial vehicles, Sangsin has a brake pad for every driving style.

Sangsin Brakes

Many of the world’s top automakers trust Sangsin’s quality, which is why their vehicles roll off the line equipped with our brake pads. If you’re looking to install premium brake pads on your or your customers’ Asian nameplate vehicles, look no further than Sangsin brand brake pads.

You can find Sangsin brand brake pads at a variety of premium retailers, including:

Passenger Vehicles

Sangsin Brake manufactures a wide variety of brake pads to fit virtually any passenger vehicle. Each one is engineered to provide exceptional stopping power regardless of vehicle model or driving style.

Sangsin Brake Brake Pad

Ultra-Low Dusting

No one likes dealing with brake dust, which is why Sangsin brake pads are designed to prevent excessive dusting. It’s all about helping to keep wheels and vehicles clean.

Sangsin Brake Brake Car

OE-Matched Technology

Why do so many of the world’s top automakers build their vehicles using Sangsin Brake pads? Because our pads are engineered to match exacting OE specifications, regardless of your vehicle type or driving style.

Sangsin Brake Brake Rotor

Quiet Braking

We use anti-noise shims and precision materials to ensure safe, quiet braking performance.

Commercial Vehicles

In order to meet the unique needs of commercial vehicles, Sangsin Brake manufactures brake pads that are engineered to with stand rigorous daily driving, perform flawlessly in even inclement weather and deliver consistently effective stopping power.

Sangsin Brake Unmatched Performance

Unmatched Performance

Our commercial vehicle brake pads are engineered to perform under extreme driving conditions, including wet and snowy roads.

Sangsin Brake Brake Rotor

Clean, Quiet Braking

We use a blend of ceramic and cutting-edge fiber materials, along with shims, to drastically reduce the amount of brake dust and ensure a quiet and comfortable ride.

Sangsin Brake OEM0 Matched Technology

OE-Matched Technology

With excellent and effective stability, Sangsin brake pads maintain consistent braking regardless of driving conditions.

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