How do you become a leading global brake friction manufacturer?

Focus on one product, emphasize continual improvement and build a strategic, customer-centric network.


Exceptional stopping power for every customer and vehicle type is just what you would expect from a leading global brake manufacturer. From application-specific friction materials, thermal treatments and deploying the most advanced braking technology, every Sangsin brake pad is made to our uncompromising, world-class standards.

Trusted by Millions in the Automotive Industry

Many of the world’s top automakers trust Sangsin’s quality, as well as millions of automotive service repair professionals and do-it-yourselfers worldwide. That’s exactly how we’ve earned our reputation as the first name in brakes.


Sangsin Brake Brake Rotor

Safe, Quiet Braking

For more than 50 years, we’ve been manufacturing the industry’s safest, most dependable brakes.

Sangsin Brake Foot on Pedal

Longer Wear Life

From application-specific friction materials and thermal treatments, every Sangsin Brake pad is made to our exacting standards…and made to last.

Sangsin Brake Brake Car

Leading OE Manufacturer

Many of the world’s top automotive manufacturers trust Sangsin’s quality, dependability, which is why our brake pads come standard on a wide range of vehicles.

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