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World-Class Sangsin OEM Brake Pads for the Aftermarket

World-Class Sangsin OEM Brake Pads for the Aftermarket

Science in Braking

All Sangsin friction materials are compliant with NSF 2025 Copper Regulations.

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Amplify your stopping power and performance with Sangsin

SB Premium

Enhanced Brake Performance

SB Premium car brakes provide next-level performance and the longest-lasting durability.

SB Genuine

Smoothest Braking Experience

SB Genuine OEM brake pads deliver quiet, dust-free braking for a smooth ride and clean wheels.

SB Torq

Exceptional Braking Power

SB Torq brake pads offer the ultimate performance brakes for drivers who want extra bite.

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How To Choose The Best Brake Pad Option

Are your brakes squealing when you hit the brake pedal? Is your vehicle grinding to a halt when you need it to stop? If you’ve answered “yes” to either one of these questions, chances are you need new brake pads. But selecting new brake pads may not be the slam-dunk decision that you initially think...

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How To Change Your Brake Pads: Step-By-Step Instructions

How often you’ll need to change your brake pads varies on a lot of different factors, such as the type of vehicle you drive, your driving habits and more. While you may be able to refer to your vehicle owner’s manual to get an idea of when you’ll need to perform this maintenance, it’s not...

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