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The Sangsin Brake Organization

Sangsin Brake Organization

North American Leadership and Operations

Drawing from diverse backgrounds in the automotive industry, our leadership team is comprised of seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge. They bring a mix of strategic thinking and innovative vision that guides our organization toward continued success in the braking industry.

H.J. Song


Since 1993, HJ Song has worked for Sangsin Brake at both the corporate headquarters in Daegu, Korea and its United States sales offices in California and Georgia. Song began his career with Sangsin Brake at the corporate office, where in 2006 he transferred to the overseas business department. In 2009, Song moved to California to open the first Sangsin US sales office, where he worked diligently to increase sales in the States for over a decade, until his 2020 return to the corporate office due to his promotion to executive director of overseas business. In 2024, Song returned to the US to lead Sangsin toward success in the OE automotive aftermarket.

Brian D. Kirts
Brian D. Kirts

Vice President, Aftermarket Sales and Marketing

Brian Kirts joined Sangsin Brake as the Vice President of Aftermarket Sales and Marketing in 2023. Bringing extensive experience in sales and marketing, primarily in the automotive industry, Kirts previously held the position of Head of Sales at ZF Group and Vice President of Sales at MAT Holdings, Inc. Kirts also previously served as the Vice President of Sales at Brake Parts Inc LLC. Kirts obtained a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree with a concentration in Environmental Policy from Indiana University Bloomington, and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Business/Managerial Economics from Miami University.

K. Mike lee
K. Mike lee

Vice President, Original Equipment Business and Technology Development

K. Mike Lee joined Sangsin Brake as the Vice President of OE Business and Technology Development in 2021. Lee has performed extensive research on brake systems, rotors, and calipers at General Motors and Delphi Corporation and expanded North American, South American, and European business at Korea Delphi Automotive Systems. Lee holds more than 20 patents and trade secrets and has published 16 technical papers in peer-reviewed journals.

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